PUBG Mobile – Deserving Termination or Propagation?



The last decade saw a vigorous rise in the number of smart phone users in the country. And with this, the number of mobile gamers has also witnessed a sharp surge. Mobile games naturally, do bring along with them a belief that they are highly addictive and hence harmful. And when we have a look at the mishaps that occur due to the rigid addiction, the belief appears to be largely true. But, does that imply that such games must be banned just keeping in view the handful number of mishaps that they cause? Almost every field of play and work does involve a certain level of risk to it. A miner is consistently under enormous risk of life but that doesn’t render us to stop mining activities isn’t it?

PUBG mobile, an action real time game that created a huge hype in the country due to its immense popularity across places and ages, is confronting with a similar fate. A guy from Hyderabad ended his life while another guy from Delhi killed his own family when were consistently pestered to quit gaming. Few more similar cases certainly raise an alarm and also the obvious idea of banning the game itself. But if we orient our attention to the other side of the picture, we realize that incidents like these happen because these gamers are disallowed to continue with their game. And it follows from the same belief we talked about in the beginning of the context. It is not very old of a thing when some individual who performed well in some sport was disallowed by his/her parents to quit it and focus on studies totally. But after the inception of the IPL T20, the picture got entirely changed. Parents themselves began to encourage their children to not only be focused on the game but also on plethora of other opportunities that the game brings along. Now IPL T20 is not a gaming contest alone, it’s a complete industry giving employments to millions. And it all became possible because of providing a well-defined structure for the game which led to portray it as a career option to the masses and of course the glamor and glory that was the trademark of the fancy sporting carnival.

According to a recent report by NASSCOM, the domestic gaming industry will be a massive 1.1 Billion USD and the number of gamers will be as huge as 628 million which was under 200 million in 2015. Seeing its vast outstretch across the country, PUBG being the most popular among them all, poses enormous potential to be harnessed in terms of providing career opportunities for gamers, developers, casters, technicians, planners, organizers, designers and numerous others, provided it is given the right structure and orientation. When the country is undergoing a phase where unemployment is throttling the economy, emergence of a new industry which will provide careers to many will be just life-saving. Now is the time to give it a shape wherein young talents can emerge and the passion towards gaming can be harnessed to make a living. The game just like IPL seeks to be glorified, which will make it right for the people taking it as mere passion and enjoyment as well as for the ones putting up questions on its existence. So should we ban and put an end to the largest productive revolution to come, or to cultivate it and shape it to bring employment to millions? You decide.

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