The missing Piece – Girls in Esports


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Girls in Esports

Esports has already made its mark around the Globe, the growth is eminent and inevitable. Yet we don’t see much of the young girls and women coming forward with their passion, extend and establish their presence. From the industries point of view there is need of some changes and resources to be put in. There are negative speared as well, we should not ignore them but there are positive stories too which we don’t tell enough. Lets share and put out all those good ones who are coming out and devising the future.

To start with Introducing Tanvi Jasmine, A 15 year old young enthusiast from Hyderabad, India. Tanvi recently got associated with GanG GaminG and is hungry to go big and is a true believer in her Passion. She primarily plays CSGO while DOTA2, Paladins, Rainbow Six Siege, FIFA and COD doesn’t misses her list. GanG GaminG here is trying to make whatever possible in our power to form a GanG of Girl Gamers and let them feel that they are nothing less than the counterparts and its even not odd. We are here to kill the thought (Girl’s vs Boys) out there which directly or indirectly compare them and sets a perspective of fitments.

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